Signs That Tell That You Have a Broken Sewer Pipe

A broken sewer pipe is a big nightmare for all of us. But with the timely detection of the broken pipe, it can be fixed by simple plumber repair. The main issue that arises here is how to detect broken Sewer Pipes, causing property damage. There can be many reasons for the sewer lines to get damaged, but they need to be fixed once damaged. It can cause you property damage and plumber costs if it’s not detected before a significant issue.

We will go through all of the different signs to tell you exactly that you have a broken sewer pipe.

Signs of a Broken Sewer Pipe:

Toilet Makes Sound

The most usual sign is that the toilet starts to make weird sounds. That can tell you that something is going on with the sewer.

Sewer Smell

When the sewer pipe gets blocked or broken, a strong sewer odor means that your sewer line is broken, and the smell is coming from it. This smell can be detected easily in the basement or outside in your yard.

Drain taking a long time to clear

If your drains take a long time to clear than usual, then it means your sewer pipe has some issue. This is a sign of a Broken Sewer Pipe.

Sewerage Backup

If your sewerage is backing up and your toilet gets filled with sewage water. Then it’s a clear sign that your sewer pipe needs to be repaired asap. You need to replace or repair your sewage system.

Mold on wall

The mold on your walls is a sign of leaking sewer lines. The reason is that the moisture causes mold to form on walls. This moisture comes from the water that is leaking by the sewers. The growth of mold in or on the wall is a direct indication of a sewer line problem.

So, if you face or detect any of these problems, it’s the best time to call a plumber and get your sewer line fixed before it causes you many property damages.